The Fun Hotel

The Fun Hotel

Hey you! Tired of staying in a traditional hotel and the same, impersonal hotel room? Looking for a new and alternative way to experience your hotel stay?

If you’re in the mood for an experience that’s out of the ordinary and absolutely unforgettable, then our Fun Hotel is just the thing for you!
Once you arrive at the hotel, the staff at the Hotel Montemezzi will welcome you in the exclusive Funny Hall, in a calm and relaxing setting that will help you recover from your trip.
After being handed the keys to room 116, you’ll enter a unique space in the Hotel in which the only obligation is to have fun!
Let yourself be conquered by the cheerful ambiance. The Funny Room is the perfect room for your special moments, and will provide you and your companion with an array of fun experiences in an environment that is whimsical, creative and constantly changing!
Leave a comment on the wall of the room to contribute to enriching it with hilarious stories you can then tell your friends. You can also share your funny moments on our Facebook page and thus be a part of the Montemezzi Funny Community!
Book our Funny Room now and make your Montemezzi Experience unforgettable!


The new and sparkling element at the Montemezzi is an extremely social space, an original waiting room, an invitation to be creative, a place for sharing that’s out of the ordinary….

The Funny Hall is all this and so much more!



Our Funny Room is a double room featuring an innovative and surprising design that will allow you to experience a relaxing diversion.
You’ll be able to access the Internet on the TV screen, allowing you to share your experience with your friends.
Enter and discover the amazing possibilities of this room to make you laugh and have fun.


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The best reception thanks to our staff

Excellent value for money and price

Many services to personalize your travel

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